Course Outline

Confectionery, bakery and general cookery contextualized in the local and international to make graduates more competitive in all areas. In addition to Restauranting, there will be home services (concierge) and other forms of help to be taught under this programme.

Enrollment into the school to study any of the courses listed is essentially Anyone with the passion of studying any course with least capability, graduates from Junior High Schools, Senior High School. They experience a course of study for four (4) years and three (3) years respectively and they are confirmed by the Technical Examination Unit of the GES and National Board for Professional and Technical Examination.
Our courses comes in three(3) Categories:

  • Apprenticeship Level* (6-12 Month's)
  • Standard Level* (4 Years)
  • Advance Level* (3-12 Month's)

  • Introduction Lesson

  • Restauranting

  • Home services

  • Food/dietary

  • Drinks/winery

  • Cleanliness/personal hygiene

  • Food services

  • Tools handling, maintenance and usage

  • Food artistry/garnishing

  • Bakery